area 84m2

photographer : Norbert Tukaj


This restaurant tells a story about Gaspar, the restaurant founder, and about his native land, the State of Goa (India) which is filled with magnificent colors and unique way of living. The interior attempts to intertwine two distinct regions: styles of Nordic countries with certain phrases prevalent in Goa region. Round furniture lines, characteristic ceiling details and curved lamps are all part of this cozy story. Fabrics prevalent in Goa region were used in the interior: clay, wood, glass, rattan webbing. Non-artificial, virgin materials were use if available. The colors and textures are emphasized in different lightning conditions. Hand-made object are valued here: guest may sit at hand-crafted wooden furniture, enjoy hand-made ceramic wall lamps and touch special hand-made wall tiles with palm leaf elements impressed on top. The interior breaths warmth and brings fine details from two distinct regions located so far apart