The House X


This house is created to a person who is tired of consumerism and abundance of material things, who has had enough of city noise and speed. This house is created to a person who longs for slow existence and harmony with nature surrounding us. This house is to a person who values comfort and quality without succumbing to the need for quantity. The house is a vision to  people who prefer minimalism, who are satisfied with what they have in order to leave more to the future generations, to people, who we hope will be ordinary Lithuanians in the future.

The house is in harmony with nature: it adapts to the surrounding rather than changing or distorting it. It is a sustainable building reflecting traditional architecture shapes and materials. This house has no walls only internal zones separated by an small garden. Life inside this house is not boiling, rather it is flowing smoothly and slowly, listening in to the surrounding atmosphere without being distracted by unnecessary things or triggers. The house is like a living organism, which adapts to the needs of its owner: takes care of fresh air, heating, cooling of safety whenever it is needed. The house self-regulates lightning by reacting to the external conditions or the needs of the house dwellers.  The house can observe the surroundings from all sides, however to an outside onlooker the view may be blocked by windows changing automatically into a non see-through  matted mode. The house is equipped with music equipment, which may allow you to listen to music as well as to sounds of the surrounding forest: birds, trees, wind or rain. This is a personalized house.